NyghtCraft on Facebook — The Official NyghtCraft Leatherwerks Facebook Fan Page! ‘Like’ it and keep up on all the latest NyghtCraft news and happenings.

The Misfits — The Premier Horror Punk Band and Clients of NyghtCraft!

The Official Witch Shoppe — Friend and client of NyghtCraft Laurie Cabot’s Magical online store where you will find Magical items for any occasion!

Remember Salem — Website for the Harry Potter themed shop “Remember Salem” in Salem, MA. where you can buy all manner of Wizarding goods including NyghtCraft Wand Sheaths and see the NyghtCraft Death Eater Hood and Sorting Hat!

Wynott’s Wands — Facebook Page for the Harry Potter styled Wand Shop “Wynott’s Wands” in Salem, MA. where you can buy all manner of hand crafted Magic Wands as well as NyghtCraft Wand Sheaths!

Xmortis — A cool dark Goth/Industrial night that often has NyghtCraft as its vendor!

Get Captain Jack — While there may be other pirates roaming about out there, none make your event as memorable! Captain Jack an’ his crew arrr available fer all yer raiding an’ pillaging needs!

Warrior Mistress — Website of Good Friend and Client, actress, model, make up artist, and stunt gal, Vera VanGuard!

Mardigan’s Maile — Master Chain Maile Smiths!

Pirate’s Cove Marketplace — A shop full of Pirate weapons (replicas), gifts, clothing, and plenty more treasures!

Darkwell Studios — The photographic art of New England based alternative model & event photographer Shadow Darkwell.