Ashton Synn

ashton-synnAshton Synn resides in the NetherWorld’s deepest leather mine, where he fervently designs and creates leathern artwear both beautiful and diabolical.

Apprenticed to no one, he taught himself his craft. He has been working with leather for 33 years and he has made it his profession for the past 28.

This grim determination has earned him the honor of designing and creating leather gear for some of his own favorite bands including The MISFITS , White Zombie, and GWAR.

His “Devastator X” Vambraces, worn by Jerry Only, represent the MISFITS in the Rock Fashion Display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The Harvard Lampoon called upon him to create the prize belt awarded to George Foreman as their man of the year.

When all is said and done Ashton finds himself happiest when he is designing and fashioning his unique, and often dark, leathercraft in his cavernous NetherWorld home.



(Photo by: Darkwell Studios)